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Advantages of Dubia Roaches as Feeders
Dubia roaches are quickly becoming popular feeder insects and for good reasons.  Here are a few:

  • NUTRITION: Dubia roaches are more nutritious than other insects including crickets and super worms. They have both more protein and more calcium.
  • PARASITES:Dubia Roaches don’t carry pinworms or any other type of parasite, unlike crickets. Your pet can get infested from pinworms from eating crickets. Parasites are the most common health problem with many reptiles.
  • SMELL: Dubia Roaches do not smell nearly as bad as crickets and some other feeders. The feeder bins of dubia roaches don’t need to be thoroughly cleaned out as often as crickets and some other insects. Dubia roaches bins need to be washed and rinsed about every three months with clean ups every few days, while crickets bins need to be thoroughly washed every few days and cleaned up daily. Dead roaches and other insects should be discarded daily. There will be significantly less dead roaches compared to crickets, and they live much longer and are much hardier.
  • BREEDING: Dubia Roaches are very easy to breed and give live birth. Baby roaches are at least ¼ inch in size and are a great size feeder for many reptiles, amphibians, and other small animals.  Adults are 1 ½” to 2” inches long and are a substantial meal for larger pets.  Just keep your roach bin at 80-95 degrees and humid, and they will happily reproduce. Each female will produce about 30 babies each time she gives birth.
  • NOISE: Dubia Roaches don’t make noise. The only sound you will ever hear is subtle scampering around in their bin. Crickets are chirp constantly and are load.
  • ESCAPE: Dubia Roaches don’t fly, cannot climb smooth surfaces, and don’t jump. Also, when they are dropped they tend to land on their backs making them easy to catch.  You will have much less escapees in your home compared to crickets. If they do escape, it is unlikely they will breed, because temperatures need to above 80 degrees with high humidity.
  • LIFE SPAN: Dubia roaches can live 12 to 18 months. Crickets only live about 9 weeks.
  • FEEDING: Dubia roaches eat just about anything. They can be gut loaded without shorting their life span unlike crickets, who die even sooner if fed calcium.
  • BITING: Dubia roaches don’t bite, while crickets and some other feeders do. Other insects can cause serious injuries to your pet if left in their enclosure. They can even kill your pet if too many uneaten insects are left in the enclosure. Roaches won’t harm your pet. It is safe to leave uneaten roaches in your pet’s enclosure.
  • HARDIER:Dubia Roaches are less likely to die before you have time to feed them to your pet. They live longer and are less prone to death then crickets. Crickets die quickly and easily, and do not ship as well as dubia roaches.
  • TASTE: Dubia Roaches taste better to your pet! They will enjoy them more! After eating dubia roaches, your pet may refuse to eat some other insects.

Dubia Roaches           SAM_2308

Mating                           IMG_0280

Female with Egg SacIMG_0305



  1. Hi where are you situated too ?

  2. Erick Collins says:

    Hi im located in Worcester are you close by or you only ship

    • Mary says:

      Hi Erick,
      Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, I’m currently not selling any dubia roaches.

      Thanks again,

  3. Eric says:

    Hello! I’ve been searching for a bearded dragon baby for me and my wife, but am not feeling too sure about Petco.. do you have any available babies for sale!? Thanks in advance for your time.

  4. A. says:

    Hi! I’ve read that Dubias can carry mites. Can these affect humans?

    • Mary says:

      Dubia Roaches are not particularly prone to mite infestations, but it can happen if they are exposed to mites and the conditions allow it as it can occur with most any insect including crickets. The conditions need to be right for mites to procreate. They like warm, humid, dark conditions with lots of available food and hiding spots like paper. It is unlikely the mites would affect humans except for a short term irritant. They may get on your skin and be of a temporary nuisance but are unlikely to pose any long term problems unless the environment is ideal for an infestation to occur. Here is some information about dubia roaches and mites you may find helpful: https://dubiaroachdepot.com/guidance/dubia-roaches-have-mites


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