I bought an adult female bearded dragon from a breeder. I never breed her, but she still laid two clutches of around 17 eggs about a month apart. I decided to incubate the eggs despite believing they were unfertilized. All the eggs failed except one egg from each of the two clutches.  I saw movement in the eggs, but they never hatched on their own. After a few days, I decide to slit these eggs open and this is what was inside…

From the first clutch:

No eyes, no top jaw, and other facial deformities. The body is normal. This baby was moving in its shell a few days before I slit it open.


IMG_7160 IMG_7159


Second clutch:

Lots of deformities!… different size eyes, backwards back feet, very deformed crooked tail, who knows what other deformities this baby had.


IMG_7163 IMG_7164 IMG_7165

Has anyone else had anything like this happen?  Please share!



  1. a says:

    The eggs might not have developed fully.

  2. Jamie Tenorio says:

    So how are these babies suppose to eat or survive?, if they can.

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