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Baby Beardies!

These babies need new homes! They are all healthy, active, and eating a lot!

Asking only $30 per Citrus Tiger baby. They hatched the first week in October:


Rainbow Tiger Baby Bearded Dragons need new homes too. Asking $40 per baby Rainbow Tiger bearded dragon. They hatched around September 12.


Sleeping Baby Beardie Pile


Aren’t they cute?!?

Before and After

Before Shedding:



Newborn Beardie Close-up


What a Cutie! 



Old Man Marvin had a stressful day… he’s out!


Available Colorful Baby Beardies

These rainbow tiger bearded dragon babies are this gorgeous, and they haven’t even shed yet! They will get even brighter as they grow!


For more information go to:


They’re Hatching!


Bearded Dragon Mouth

This is a nine year old bearded dragon named Marvin. On hot days, Marvin loves to gape. Gaping is normal for beardies; it’s like a dog sticking its tongue out on hot days. Gaping helps bearded dragon regulate their body heat. When a bearded dragon is gaping, his breathing should remain normal. If a bearded dragon breathing is heavy and/or labored, this could be a sign of a respiratory infection, and the beardie needs help immediately.

When a bearded dragon is gaping, it is a good time to inspect the inside of a bearded dragon’s mouth. Look for a health bright pink coloring. A pale mouth can be a sigh of anemia. Look for sores that may be causing pain, swelling, mouth rot, discolorations, or any other abnormalities. Marvin has a healthy looking mouth especially for an older bearded dragon.

Gape Gape1 Gape2 D Gape4

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