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Bigger and Brighter


2 Day Old vs. 2 Week Old

Beardies grow up fast! In my experience, they grow at least 1/2 inch and as much as an inch a week for their first few weeks.


Just Hatched!

SAM_1444 SAM_1446

Beautiful new lives just beginning…


Available Colorful Baby Beardies

These rainbow tiger bearded dragon babies are this gorgeous, and they haven’t even shed yet! They will get even brighter as they grow!


For more information go to:


These Babies Need New Homes

These rainbow tiger baby bearded dragons need new homes! Lots to choose from. First come, first served.


Awesome Hatching Beardie Photos

Here are some great hatching rainbow tiger bearded dragon photos! These babies are now looking for new homes in Massachusetts (for more info. go to: Rainbow tigers are citrus tigers x red hypo. Citrus tiger bearded dragon morphs hatch a muddy color, but get brighter and more beautiful as they grow and each time they shed.  It may take 2-6 months for their citrus tiger coloring to come in. Het hypo citrus tiger are generally more brightly colored than hypo and translucent.

SAM_1339 SAM_1370 SAM_1379 SAM_1380 SAM_1381 SAM_1384 SAM_1385 SAM_1387 SAM_1400 SAM_1409

This baby beardie grew more than 1/2 inch in less than a week!


Rainbow Tiger Baby Bearded Dragons Need New Homes

Rainbow Tiger Baby Bearded Dragons hatched September 12, 2013 need new homes. Pick-up available in MA. For more information, please contact me at

SAM_1331 SAM_1325 SAM_1323 SAM_1322 SAM_1321 SAM_1360

They’re Hatching!


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