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Pregnant Female Bearded Dragon


A pregnant female who is about to lay eggs will have a large lumpy belly. If you gently palpate her belly, you can feel the eggs inside her. You may also notice a slight hump in her back to accommodate all the eggs. She will have a big appetite in the weeks before she lays eggs and needs extra calcium in this period and for a few weeks after laying eggs. She may lose her appetite a day or so before laying eggs (although this female ate just hours before laying eggs). When she is ready to lay eggs, she will start digging a lot in her enclosure.  This is when it is time to give her a comfortable place to lay her eggs.

This pregnant female laid 28 eggs the very next day:

SAM_1164 Dr SAM_1166 SAM_1167 SAM_1168



Bearded Dragon Yolk Sac


Bearded dragons and many other reptiles hatch with a yolk sac attached to their bellies as seen in the picture below:



The egg sac provides nourishment for the first day or two of their life and then absorbs away and/or falls off. Keep the yolk sac moist so it doesn’t stick to things. I recommend gently placing a newly hatched beardie on a moist paper towel as seen below. Leave the new babies alone as much as possible. Hatching is hard work! They need time to rest and recover. Newborn baby bearded dragon may sleep a lot in the first couple days. They may also be in a cranky mood and may not eat for the first day or two of life.


STP83844STP83841STP83835IMG_6929IMG_6917 IMG_6919

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