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Hatching Baby Beardie!


Black Beard Bearded Dragon Bath

Beardies enjoy a bath from time to time. They tend to show their best color when in warm water. Megatron especially appreciates baths when he is shedding.


Firestar’s tail curls up in the air when she is put into water.

IMG_9296 IMG_9306

This male’s beard and the flaps above his shoulder turn black as he gets excited to see a female. Males can also turn their bellies black when very excited.


Female bearded dragons can also turn their beards black when excited, upset, startled, or frightened.




Megatron has a black beard and does head bobs in the water when he takes a bath with Firestar.


This female puffs up, turns her beard black, and does slow push-ups when she see this male.


IMG_9322 IMG_9324

They are a beautiful couple and should have some gorgeous babies!IMG_9331

Red-Eyed Frog Drawing


Water color pencil

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